Guiding You through the Maze of Healthcare Options
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      L&L Eldercare Connections, LLC is a geriatric care management company that specializes in senior care needs. We evaluate seniors in their homes and facilities to determine an appropriate plan of care. We act as advocates and liaisons with family members, physicians, attorneys, home health agencies, home care agencies, personal care facilities, long term care facilities, hospitals and hospice. We assist in making referrals to community resources. We are there to help caregivers manage the stressful duties related to caregiving. Our goal is to improve the quality of life for those we serve.

Let us help guide you through the maze of healthcare options when:

  • Feeling overwhelmed and need assistance navigating the healthcare system
  • Unable to care for a family member on your own
  • Referral from your physician, attorney, financial planner, or care company to address medical, financial and care needs
  • Need assistance with community resources and understanding your insurance coverage

What we do:

L&L Eldercare Connections, LLC offers:
  • Initial complimentary phone consultation to start the process
  • Offer on-going management or periodic checks for healthcare needs
  • Provide education on community resources
  • Guidance on Personal Care and Long term care placement
  • Education on healthcare benefits
  • Available Monday through Friday during office hours and on weekends for emergencies

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Lisa Dorsey MSW, GCM: (717)769-0216
Leanne Kiralfy LPN, RAC-CT, PCHA: (717)875-4932
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